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Aiklo Phone Grip

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Aiklo Phone Grip is an original product designed and manufactured by Aiklo Technologies.
It’s made up of a smooth elastic nylon and neoprene strip, which allows you to hold your smartphone very safely.
It’s comfortable and extremely thin so you can slide your phone into your pocket very easily.
Its simple but ingenious design integrates an aluminum ring to support your phone horizontally so you can watch videos.
Aiklo Grip brings an original touch to the most important device in your day to day, which is your smartphone.

The grip will fit any bare phone sizes unless it is less than 62,4mm wide. It even fits the iPhone 13 mini, which is 64,2 mm wide.

For the iphone Pro series, due to its repellent treatment, the grip might not stick properly on the surface. In this case, it is recommended to use a PC or TPU case.

AIKLO Grip works with almost all cases made of plastic, carbon fiber, PC, TPU, etc.. but it will not stick to silicone or heavily textured cases.

Aiklo Grip is made of a smooth elastic nylon fabric (85% nylon and 15% spandex) and neoprene material.
It is quite important to consider the position in which you are going to stick the grip in order to ensure a fully comfortable use.
The position of the ring support on the phone must be on the upper right side.
The Grip must be placed just below the Apple logo.

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Easy to use

Sujeta tu móvil en vertical, horizontal o en cualquier ángulo que te sea más cómodo.
<transcy>It’s surprisingly thin.&nbsp;</transcy>
Only 3,3mm. Easily slides into your pocket.
<transcy>For all smartphones</transcy>

Aiklo Grip fits all phone sizes and is compatible with most cases.


Use Aiklo phone grip to chat on the phone, send messages, take selfies and watch your favorite series or movies comfortably and safely.



Great Grip! You don't even notice you have it on the phone.

Shannon Ll.

I like this phone grip. It's a really original design!

Emily S.

Felicidades! La anilla que está oculta para apoyar el móvil en horizontal es una idea genial..

David P.

Muy bonito y original. Además es muy cómodo.

<transcy>Tania B.</transcy>
Un Grip muy fino y agradable al tacto. Ideal para sujetar el móvil mientras hablas por teléfono.
Arnau D.