Grip Placement

Please, watch the steps shown in the video to ensure correct placement of the grip on the phone or the case.

It is important to remember that the ring is placed on the upper right side so that bigger phones such as Pro Max remain upright in the horizontal position.

The ideal position of the Grip, in the case of iPhones, is just below the Apple Logo. This way it will be very comfortable for you to hold the phone, both to send messages and chat on the phone. Once the Grip is placed, allow at least 4 hours before using it so that the adhesive sticks firmly to the phone or the case.

Different positions

Aiklo Grip has been designed with not only aesthetics in mind but, above all, usability.

The X shape allows you to easily hold the phone from the side, ideal for typing, as well as from below to take group selfies and above all, chat on the phone.

If the surface is not slippery, you can place the phone at two different angles in the horizontal position with the ring open.